April O'Neil / news@WHMI.com

The Livingston County Sheriff's Office is asking for information pertaining to the "body-slamming" of garage doors- a recent incident that has been reported multiple times by residents throughout the county.

Pictures of two male suspects were taken with outdoor cameras and posted to social media on Wednesday, Nov. 21 by the Sheriff's Office.

The photos were taken after the two reportedly "body-slammed" a garage door in a local neighborhood during the overnight hours, causing damages.

According to the Sheriff's Office, the two "knuckleheads" could be involved in four out of five similar incidents reported by Livingston County homeowners within the last month.

"Yes, you read that right. They ran full speed and body slammed a garage door causing a lot of damage. Even worse, this is our 5th report of a body slammed garage door this month. 4 of the 5 actually took place this weekend throughout the county."

A map showing where the "body-slamming" incidents took place was provided, but the exact addresses were not released.

A link to the original social media post with updates is attached below.

Anyone with information should email the Livingston County Sheriff's Office directly at mklein@livgov.com.