Buzz Elliot

I grew up in South Redford, Michigan and started playing the bass guitar in junior high. I found great pleasure while learning my bass craft in ‘basement bands’ and the experience has kept me performing with a variety of groups including two local bands; Exit 145 and Red Echo. My love of music and performing probably had something to do with my interest in a broadcasting career which has taken me to radio positions in Cadillac, Lansing/Jackson, Tupelo, Tucson, and South Bend, before making my home Livingston County and WHMI. My wife, two children, and I love our home in Genoa Township.

My favorite pastimes involve movies, comedy, and of course music. My favorite music tends to involve my ‘bass heroes’ like Geddy Lee-Rush, Chris Squier-Yes, John Entwistle-The Who, Sting-The Police, Tom Peterson-Cheap Trick, and John Paul Jones from Led Zeppelin. Some of my favorite movies have been The Godfather, Uncle Buck, Tommy Boy, and Star Wars. My favorite on TV is Boston Legal, and my top comedians are Jerry Seinfeld, Larry David, and Chris Farley.

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