UPDATE: Sheriff Murphy says upon further investigation, this is not a scam mailing, but comes from a legitimate 501c4 group advocating on behalf of Social Security benefits. However, he says the mailing is misleading and that an attorney for the group says he will work with his clients to make it clear in future mailings that no money is required for recipients to let their opinion be heard.

A new voting scam targeting senior citizens is circulating via standard mail.

Packages labeled “Do Your Part: Vote” are finding their way to senior centers and local mailboxes, and intend to scam people into giving their credit card information. The forms inside contain questions about the government and social security, and ask for a donation to make sure your vote is counted. The documents say they are from The Seniors Center and Executive Director Dan Perrin.

Livingston County Sheriff Mike Murphy advises residents and businesses to beware of the new scams and take the appropriate precautions. If anyone suspects they may have fallen victim to a scam, they are asked to contact local police. (AV/JK)