A local lawmaker is applauding creation of a new state Suicide Prevention Commission.

Senate Bill 228 was recently before the House Health Policy Committee, which is chaired by Republican State Representative Hank Vaupel of Fowlerville. The legislation would establish a 27 member state Suicide Prevention Commission, which Vaupel said he thinks is very important. Vaupel says suicide is growing in all segments of society – noting it affects the young and old and all occupations and genders. He says it’s a growing problem and they’re looking into setting up a commission that would take a really deep dive into some of the causes of suicide and come up with some solutions for prevention. Vaupel says suicide is a major issue and says you really can’t do a lot of prevention if you don’t know a cause so he thinks the Commission is a very important step.

The bill was reported out of the House Health policy Committee this past week and has now moved to the House Ways and Means Committee. (JM)