Some Milford teens were detained after allegedly causing damage to Central Park restrooms.

Milford Police were notified of multiple young teens causing damage in Central Park last Thursday, including the restrooms. The department says multiple teens were detained with charges pending that will include restitution. A resident utilizing the park observed the destructive activity and notified a Milford DPS worker who was in the area. Police were notified and fortunately were in close proximity. Officials say as it turns out, damages were caused in two of the restrooms over a period of at least two days by some of the same teens.

Police say this is a great example of somebody seeing something and deciding to say something. They ask that the community help keep Central Park safe and in good order and "If you see something say something". Officials noted the community has worked too hard for such a great space to let a handful of unsupervised, disrespectful teens cause destruction. (JM)