At a recent City Council meeting, a 2nd reading was held for two different ordinances amending the City’s regulations to become consistent with state law. The first ordinance spoke to the use of marijuana and bringing the City’s Code of Ordinances into compliance with recently adopted legislation. An amendment was made to the ordinance section of “Offenses Involving Drugs” that removed lines prohibiting the possession and use of marijuana.

The second ordinance amending the City’s Code addressed the use of vapor and alternative nicotine delivery products. Changes were made as Michigan law previously did not include vape and electronic cigarettes in its definition of “tobacco products”, so minors were then technically not prohibited from using and possessing those products under the Youth Tobacco Act. The State Legislature recently updated the Act to prohibit those items by adding new definitions for “alternative nicotine products” and “vape products”.

The City was already ahead of the State in adopting an ordinance prohibiting the use of those products by minors; however, when the State passed its law to address the issue it differentiated between the punishments for minor use and possession of tobacco products, and the use and possession of vapor/alternative nicotine products. The City’s Code of Ordinances was also amended to update what the punishment is for sale or furnishing to minors. (DK)