By Jon King /

Congresswoman Elissa Slotkin has won a key endorsement for her run at a second term representing the 8th District and it’s coming from an unexpected source.

The Detroit News Editorial Page, which is known for its support almost exclusively of Republican candidates, has offered its endorsement for Democratic incumbent Elissa Slotkin. The paper’s editorial board called Slotkin a “strong retail politician who listens to the people of her district” and has “earned a second term in the 8th District.” The board added that they were “impressed by her work on defense and national security issues, and for her support of the military in general” calling her a “leader on addressing PFAS groundwater contamination.”

Slotkin is seeking a second term in a district that voted for President Trump in 2016 and hadn’t been represented by a Democrat since 2000 before she upset Incumbent Mike Bishop two years ago.

The man trying to return the seat to the GOP column, Republican Paul Junge of Brighton, issued a statement following the endorsement of his opponent, saying “The elites appreciate Elissa Slotkin’s support for massive tax increases on hardworking taxpayers, diverting Covid relief money to politically correct causes like illegal immigrants, and left-wing values like taxpayer funding of abortions, but I hear from people who want leaders to focus on confronting coronavirus and rebuilding our economy. Yes, Elissa Slotkin is endorsed by nearly $1 million in ads from Nancy Pelosi’s SuperPac, radical liberal groups, and media elites, but I’m proud of my support from Sheriff Murphy and pro-taxpayer, pro-life, pro-Second Amendment, pro-American values citizens and organizations.”

Slotkin is also favored by recent polling. The election forecast site FiveThirtyEight has Slotkin listed as “Cleary Favored” to win on November 3rd, with a 94% chance of winning re-election.