Police are warning residents about a scam that’s circulating in which the scammer attempts to obtain the victim’s social security number.

The Brighton Police Department states that they have taken several complaints where someone from the supposed “Social Security Office” calls and indicates that the victim’s social security number was fraudulently used and is being suspended.

The caller, who police describe as having a foreign accent, asks for personal information, including asking for the victim’s social security number. The scammer’s number that shows up on the caller ID is 816-929-6119.

In another similar case, the victim receives a voicemail that converts the audio to text to view. The transcription states that the federal crime and investigation department needs to speak with them as soon as possible, and that the call is from the Social Security administration.

Police remind residents to never give out their personal information over the phone and, if they feel they are being targeted by a scam, they should contact their local law enforcement agency.