An upcoming event encourages ladies to ditch their date and dazzle in a prom dress to benefit a local organization that serves displaced women.

Prelude Home is a nonprofit organization that serves women who find themselves in a position of divorce or displacement, with a goal to help each woman build and sustain a healthy lifestyle while cultivating the confidence needed to live independently and confidently. The organization’s mission is to provide affordable shared housing for up to two years, mentoring, emotional support and access to local agency services.

Founder Carrie Hastings notes that currently the largest groups of people getting divorced are those that are 65 and older, which she says can be especially difficult as some may have relied on their partner for most of their life and their working skills have since become obsolete, making it hard to start over and find a new path. Hastings was inspired to create the organization after going through her own divorce about five years ago. Luckily she had friends and family to help her through it but says, “Once I got on my feet I kept wondering why isn’t there someplace I could go because there are shelters for abused women, there are shelters for people that are coming out of jail or rehab, but not just for the average person that is going through something and needs a place to stay.”

Hastings says she felt called to create some kind of solution for women who are in these difficult situations and, in following her faith, says the word “prelude” kept coming to mind. She says God made the organization’s mission clear to her: to help women navigate their own prelude or beginning of their new lives.

The nonprofit is currently working to raise funds to either purchase or rent their first home, which will be in Livingston County. To aid in their efforts, Prelude Home is holding “Mom Prom”; a throwback-themed fundraiser and ladies' night out that encourages guests to dress up and go out dancing to support the group’s mission. Mom Prom will be held Saturday, May 18th, at Mt. Brighton on Bauer Road. The event, which is 21 and up, will include appetizers, desserts, a cash bar, and music, as well as prizes for the guests with the ugliest dress and biggest hair. Tickets can be found at the link below or by calling 517-304-5678. For further event information or to become a supporter, email (DK)