More details are being released following the discovery of dead body in the Village of Milford.

Milford Police Chief Tom Lindberg says at this point in their investigation it is moderately clear that the subject found deceased in a wooded area near Kurtz Elementary School around 8:40am Sunday morning suffered an unintentional overdose. Lindberg says he either died directly as a result of the overdose or hypothermia after going unconscious. He says they will not know for sure until the toxicology report comes back from the Oakland County Medical Examiner, which could take a couple months. The man’s name is not being released but he has been identified as a 44-year-old Highland Township resident with a long history of drug abuse.

A man was walking his dog and found the body on wooded property owned by Huron Valley Schools but it not currently used or part of the Kurtz campus. Chief Lindberg says it’s not known why the man ended up at this specific location; however his car was located in the area. Lindberg says they believe he was actively using narcotics while driving in the area and began to experience the effects of the narcotics. It is believed that is why he got out of the car and began walking with his small dog that he had with him. Lindberg says the dog was located unharmed in close proximity to the body, and was turned over to family members Monday evening. Lindberg said the additional details were provided to assist in preventing any false information or rumors in the community. (JM)