By Mike Kruzman /

The utilities director for a regional water and sanitary sewer system in Livingston County says they are dedicated to providing top-grade service to residents during the coronavirus outbreak.

Genoa Township and Marion, Howell, Oceola, and Genoa, or MHOG, Utilities Director Greg Tatara says their crews are continuing to provide potable drinking water and proper sanitary disposal to hospitals, restaurants and other essential services during the pandemic.

Tatara told WHMI in an email that he thinks it’s important to note that the Covid-19 virus has not been detected in drinking water, and that waste water treatment that uses filtration and disinfection will remove or inactivate the virus. MHOG has also been meeting with other utilities to help each other out during this time and is taking measures to protect staff and split shifts so that if the disease does affect an employee, they have redundant staff in place to take over.

Tatara also has a request of residents during this time. He says that while they know there is a toilet paper shortage, it is very important for the residents’ own plumbing systems, as well as MHOGs collection system, that people not resort to flushable wipes, paper towel, or other cloth or paper products. Those items do not break down easily and can become clogged in the system, potentially causing backups that can cause multiple diseases.