By Mike Kruzman /

The Marion Township Board of Trustees has authorized the paving a road through a condominium development.

Toratola Lane is approximately one-half-mile west of D-19, on the north side of Triangle Lake Road. According to memo from the Spicer Group earlier in January, the development consists of 19 lots, which have mostly been completed or are currently under construction. The neighborhood was originally designed with approximately 1,400 feet of Toratola Lane being a gravel surface.

Engineers for the developer recently requested a minor site plan amendment to change that road from gravel to asphalt. A letter from Monument Engineering Group Associates, or MEGA, to the township offered responses to the Spicer Group’s recommendations of conditions. Among those, cold milling has been removed from the plans and all driveways have been analyzed for slope transitions to reduce large bumps where they meet the road and to help avoid drainage problems. Curb and gutter were also proposed to not be installed, per the request of the Livingston County Road Commission.

At the latest meeting of the Board of Trustees, Phil Westmoreland of the Spicer Group told the Board he thinks everything has been addressed and is doable. The Board of Trustees approved the amendment.