By Mike Kruzman /

As some Livingston County municipalities explore recreational marijuana opportunities, the state is paying out to those that had establishments up and running last year.

Adult-use marijuana is now a billion dollar industry in the State of Michigan, with the Treasury reporting more than $1.1-billion in sales for fiscal year 2021. The 10% adult-use marijuana excise tax collected $110-million dollars, making $172-million available in the state’s Marihuana Regulation Fund. As part of the Michigan Regulation and Taxation of Marijuana Act, the Treasury will be distributing $42.2-million of that fund to 163 municipalities and counties, next week. Each eligible municipality and county will receive $56,400 for every licensed retail store and microbusiness within its jurisdiction.

While none of these establishments currently exist in Livingston County, the Village of Pinckney had a ballot initiative pass to open up licensing opportunities and the City of Brighton has had multiple discussions between members of City Council and the Planning Commission on what their ordinance might look like, should they choose to pursue one. To the south, neighboring Northfield Township has one establishment and will be receiving the payment.

Aside from disbursements to municipalities and counties, the Michigan Transportation Fund and the School Aid Fund for K-12 education are each receiving $49.3-million.

See the 62 cities, 15 villages, 33 townships, and 53 counties receiving payouts through the link below, or here: