Campgrounds are now officially permitted in Lyon Township, following the adoption of revisions to the municipality’s zoning ordinance.

The township’s Board of Trustees on Monday unanimously voted to adopt an ordinance amending the Campgrounds Zoning Ordinance. Prior to, the ordinance had included some standards, but didn’t actually permit campgrounds. The amended ordinance includes adding campgrounds as a Special Land Use in the Residential-Agricultural district, as well as more distinct definitions and regulations of campgrounds.

Township officials had gone back and forth for several months trying to determine the needed changes, finally deciding to include maintenance of the current setback conditions, permit temporary residency for seasonal recreation campground use and clarify restroom and shower facility provisions. The new ordinance also speaks to internal road networks and establishes fence requirements to shield surrounding property owners from a campground.

The issue was taken up after Wildlife LLC requested campgrounds be added under Special Land Uses. The company owns property north of Haas Lake Park and was reportedly contemplating seeking approval for a campground on the parcel. A spokesperson for Wildlife LCC said in January that revising the ordinance would allow them to “bring forth an application pursuant to a site plan”, though never explicitly stated they intend to follow through with seeking approval for a campground. (DK)