A plan for about 20,000 feet of indoor recreational space is moving forward in Lyon Township.

The Lyon Township Planning Commission recently approved a site plan for an indoor recreation center, which will be located inside the former Duncan Disposal facility on Griswold Road. Applicant Scott Duncan told hometownlife.com that he hopes to convert more than 19,000 square feet of the warehouse building into a recreation area for basketball and volleyball, which will also include batting cages for baseball and softball. Duncan told commissioners that travel sports clubs will be using the facility in the winter, but it will be open in the daytime year-round. The facility is located nine acres north of 9 Mile Road and is also home to several industrial facilities.

Duncan has a temporary operating permit for occupancy through July and hope to extend the permit while upgrades are made, including installation of a new fire suppression system, which could take up to six months. (JB/JK)