Jessica Mathews /

A busy travel weekend is expected this Labor Day holiday as many head out for end of summer vacations – and whether local students have already returned to class or not likely won’t make a difference.

AAA Michigan spokeswoman Adrienne Woodland tells WHMI Labor Day is typically the 3rd busiest summer holiday, behind Independence Day and Memorial Day, and there are usually a lot of people heading out for that last big trip of the summer. Whether schools are back in session or not, she says students are still off for Labor Day and there will still be opportunities for families to take a long weekend vacation.

While the types of vacations might be different, Woodland says many Michiganders will be going somewhere for the last big summer weekend. Quite a few districts go back before Labor Day, including most locally. Woodland says some families might change the type of vacation but not necessarily whether they take a trip or not.

Meanwhile, AAA is also working to keep impaired drivers off the road this Labor Day weekend. The Auto Club Group is reactivating its ‘Tow to Go’ program for the holiday period to provide safe transportation for impaired drivers and their vehicles. The service is free but AAA asks that it be treated as a last resort.

More information is available in the attached release.