A local lawmaker’s plan to remove veteran license plate fees was heard in committee recently.

The House Military, Veterans and Homeland Security Committee heard testimony Tuesday on Republican State Representative Hank Vaupel’s plan to eliminate the service fee for a Vietnam War specialty license plate. Vaupel’s measure is part of a bi-partisan, five-bill package removing the $5 service fee for various veteran and military license plates. Vaupel, who served during the Vietnam War as a captain in the Army, said military members are returning from serving in the Armed Forces and are greeted by their state government with a service fee for a special license plate. He says it’s not fair and certainly needs to be addressed. Vaupel added that while the fee waiver for these types of license plates is minimal, it still goes a long way in showing the respect military heroes deserve when returning home to Michigan. As required by state law, the Secretary of State provides for the issuance and creation of each license plate issued in Michigan. There are varying fee requirements for each license place issued, with veteran and military license plates having a $5 service fee.

House Bill 4684, along with the rest of the bill package, remains in the House Military, Veterans and Homeland Security Committee for further consideration. (JM)