Work has been completed on what Green Oak Township officials called one of the most challenging budgets they’ve had to put together.

A new $1.5 million police station was the centerpiece for one of the more challenging budgets the Board of Trustees has had to finalize in recent memory. Green Oak Township Supervisor Mark St. Charles said the 2018-19 Fiscal Year Budget was difficult to work on with land purchasing, last minute grants, and the decision of when to pay for the police station changing. He said that this is something that everyone in government has to go through at some point, adding, “some years it goes really smooth, other years- it’s always evolving.”

The police station will be primarily responsible for the $800,000 hit to the general fund balance next year. St. Charles said it will still be in good shape and should have $3.2 million in it at next fiscal year’s end. With the bond payments on the township hall ending in 3 years, the supervisor said that picking up the payments on the police department isn’t going to hurt the township. Based on conservative projections for increases in taxable values, St. Charles said they should be able to give the fire department a new building in due time without it costing the taxpayers any additional funds.

The police department isn’t the only project currently planned for this coming year. A non-motorized trail from Lehman to M-36 is expected to be installed, along with getting the connection from the Lakeland Trail to the Island Lake Recreation Area completed. Green Oak Township’s new fiscal year begins on April 1st. (MK)