Plans for a basketball court at Genoa Township Hall are on hold while officials wait for more information in order to continue the project’s bidding process.

Township officials have regularly been discussing various elements of the project, like the potential for the court to serve as a multi-purpose amenity so that in addition to basketball, it could be used for tennis, volleyball and roller hockey. At a June 17th meeting, the Board of Trustees received an overview of the two project bids that were solicited, but the two bids had different guidelines related to construction, like the inclusion of fencing in only one of the proposals. Officials plan to ask the bidders for an alternate bid related to the construction of the first court and grading for the future site, depth of the concrete, fencing and painting.

Meeting minutes from June 17th indicated that the alternate proposal would come before the Board for final action at their July 1st meeting; however at Monday’s meeting, Manager Michael Archinal said they are still waiting for a response from the bidders. He says, "We've got two different bids that are really difficult for us to parcel the line items to figure out apples to apples...We're going to try to get it (the information) as soon we can...We're going to try to get something done this calendar season but I'm not sure."

Supervisor Bill Rogers previously told WHMI officials feel a good location for the court would be towards the front of the township’s property, thus adding to the property’s already popular amenities like soccer fields, playground and sledding hill. Township officials have reportedly been working toward the concept of a basketball court for a number of years now. (DK)