The City of Fenton is considering aiding The City of Escanaba with their legal battle with a big box retailer.

Fenton, along with 34 other municipalities, contribute towards a fund that helps aid cases that The Michigan Tax Tribunal would eventually oversee. The Michigan Tax Tribunal is an administrative court that hears appeals relating to individual, property, and business tax matters involving taxes enforced by the Michigan Department of Treasury. The City of Escanaba and Menards Inc. are currently in a legal battle over the company’s use in evaluating company property within the city. Big box stores are using the value of older stores for newer stores which leads to less money paid towards taxes. The Michigan Supreme Court previously ruled in favor of The City of Escanaba while sending the case down to The Michigan Tax Tribunal for a fairer property value assessment. Fenton City Manager, Lynn Markland says the city is considering contributing some of their legal funds to help aid the process.

The city would contribute $1,000 from their legal funds to help with the case. The city is expected to meet on Monday, May 14th where they will come to an agreement on whether or not to assist in the case. (EO/DF)