By Jessica Mathews & Jon King /

A residential rehab facility in Detroit has been connected to a COVID-19 outbreak at the Brighton Assembly of God in Livingston County, which reported an outbreak earlier this month.

The Detroit Health Department issued a public health alert on October 23rd after residents of Life Challenge Ministries, a residential rehabilitation facility in Detroit, were confirmed to have COVID-19 after attending an October 4th service at Brighton Assembly of God in Green Oak Township.

Vickie Sullen Winn is the Director of Communications for the Detroit Health Department and told WHMI that following confirmation of the outbreak , their staff worked throughout the week to investigate 24 confirmed cases among Detroit residents, who were advised to isolate per CDC guidelines. The Health Department also worked closely with church leadership with cleaning recommendations to mitigate further spread and provide education to staff.

Meanwhile, Natasha Radke, the Public Information Officer for the Livingston County Health Department says while they don’t know where this cluster originated; they do know that, “COVID-19 knows no boundaries. It affects everyone regardless of age, race, or gender. COVID-19 affects cities, large and small, and all communities, rural and urban. The only way to curb this pandemic is to work together as a community and do the things that we know to work: wear a mask, wash your hands, maintain social distance, and stay home when you are sick.”