By Mike Kruzman /

City of Brighton officials are seeking homeowners to help fulfill a water sampling requirement from the State.

The City is asking for participants to help with its lead and copper sampling program. According to the latest bulletin from the City, lead and copper sampling is required by the State of Michigan and it must be homeowners that collect the samples.

If interested, staff will deliver the sample bottles to your residence and place them on your front porch. Homeowners can then fill the bottle from a kitchen or bathroom facet, fill out the paperwork, and set the sample back on their front porch. Staff will pick it up. Participating in the program will not cost the homeowner anything, and city staff will not enter your home for any reason.

There are three requirements for participating, however: your house must have been built prior to 1988; it must be a single family residence and not commercial or multi-family; and it must have metal pipes, such as copper or galvanized, and not plastic.

For more information, or to volunteer, contact the City of Brighton’s Water Department Superintendent Josh Bradley. Email him at, or contact him by phone at (810) 844-5115.