By Mike Kruzman /

City of Brighton officials have approved a list of utility projects to use the first portion of their federal COVID-relief funding on.

Brighton City Council, at their latest meeting, affirmed the priority list presented to them by staff. Brighton is receiving a total just north of $800,000, in two chunks, and set the course of action for that first half. DPS Director Marcel Goch shared the importance of the 4 projects prioritized and how many help to lay the groundwork for future, needed capital improvement projects.

Mayor Kris Tobee said that there is a cadence to the build out of these projects and that it is important that they follow the process.

Media Replacements at the Challis Road Water Plant were given top priority and are anticipated to cost around $150,000. Second on the priority list is the installation of variable frequency drives, or VFDs, to the high service pumps at that station. The third project is for refurbishing the Brighton Coves Lift Station. Goch said they need $125,000 of ARPA funds to supplement what’s already in the capital improvement plan for this work. The final priority item is to replace the VFDs on the Third Street Lift Station Pumps. City Council unanimously approved the priority list.

The total projected cost of the four projects is $385,000. If needed, 15% added contingency costs were provided to council, with the Total With Contingency cost coming to $442,750.

As for the remaining amount of ARPA funding, the City does not expect it to be received until its 2023/2024 fiscal year.