A ceremony for induction of the newest members of the Brighton Area Women’s History Roll of Honor was held Saturday at the Brighton District Library. Roll of Honor Founder and Master of Ceremonies Joyce Powers says it is an auspicious year for the women’s movement, with the 100th anniversary of women getting the right to vote coming up.

The new honorees are Charlotte Mellus, the first woman to vote in the village council election, which took place on March 10, 1919, and who was also an election inspector and village clerk. Also, Haidee Judson Brady, the second woman to vote on the Brighton Village Council election in 1919 after women were given the right to vote; Nina Jones Cord Stowe, who in 1913 became the first woman elected to the Brighton school board; Mary Ziska St. Pierre, an RN who developed and implemented a “clothing closet” for indigent trauma patients who needed replacement clothing upon their discharge from the hospital.

Likewise inducted were Sarah Richardson-Burns, co-founder of Ann Arbor-based Biotectix, which patented a conductive polymer coating for biomedical devices that improved the interface between electrodes and human tissue; and finally, Renee Nix, who formed the Jumpin’ All Stars Jump Rope Team, which won the International Jump Rope competition in 2012. (TT)