By Mike Kruzman /

A Green Oak Township lake is one step closer to receiving invasive species weed control for the next 5 years.

At the latest meeting of the Board of Trustees, officials unanimously passed a second resolution regarding a weed and plant eradication and control special assessment district for Briggs Lake. The SAD will run from 2021-2025. Two invasive species are known to inhabit the lake: Eurasian water milfoil and curly-leaf pondweed.

Green Oak Supervisor Mark St. Charles laid out the costs for residents. Riparian landowners on the lake will be charged $187 the first year, and then $105 for each of the remaining 4. The 24 non-riparian owners will pay $40 annually. The project is estimated to cost around $57,000, but due to the fewer treatments needed on the lake last year, $26,000 unused from the previous SAD will be spread over the length of the new.

PLM Lake and Land Management will continue the control operations, with Eastern Assistant Manager James Scherer saying they will do a full lake sonar with the safest herbicide that only targets the invasive species.

A public hearing was held with a couple of residents from the northwest area of the lake speaking against the project. Lily pads have filling more and more of that section, leading residents to believe they are simply trading one plant life for another and wanting something done. Scherer explained that lily pads are protected by a state mandate largely due to the benefits they bring fish life. Wide control of them is not an option, but the state does allow a 40-by-40 foot section to be cleared for a swimming area or boat lane.

Another public hearing is scheduled for May 19th to confirm the SAD roll. Scherer said once the temperatures stabilize, they can begin this year’s treatment.