By Jessica Mathews /

Any Livingston County residents planning to travel over the upcoming holidays can expect crowded airports and busy roads.

AAA Michigan says those who had to cancel getaways and get-togethers due to the pandemic last year are making up for lost time this holiday season. Nationwide, AA Michigan is projecting around 109 million people will travel this holiday season. In the state, around 3.3 million Michiganders are expected to be traveling – marking an increase of about 34% compared to last year.

By definition, the holiday travel period starts today and runs through January 2nd.

AAA Michigan spokeswoman Adrienne Woodland says it’s definitely going to be a lot busier than what was seen in 2020. She noted the most popular mode of transportation in the state is still by automobile – with over 3 million people going somewhere by vehicle.

When it comes to air travel in Michigan, Woodland says they’re expecting more than 170,000 people are planning to fly for the holidays - which is up 184% from this time last year. She says those travelers should definitely expect crowded airports and certainly plan ahead when it comes to getting there and having enough time to make a flight.

Woodland said anyone planning to travel whether by air, vehicle, bus or train should make sure to plan ahead, be prepared and get familiar with any COVID-related travel requirements, including masking requirements in airports or on planes.

More information is available in the attached press release.