By Jessica Mathews /

Michigan gas prices have been holding relatively steady but continuing instability with crude oil prices could push up prices at the pump.

That’s according to AAA Michigan. Spokeswoman Adrienne Woodland says Michigan gas prices have been holding relatively steady within the last week at around $3.35 for one gallon of regular unleaded. However, she says crude oil prices have been slightly volatile trending up and down since last week but have been around $90 per barrel or just over that amount.

Woodland noted the national average for gasoline has been steadily climbing for the past couple of weeks but the state average has been holding steady, despite increasing prices in some areas such as metro-Detroit.

Various factors come into play but crude oil is one pushing prices upward. Within the last two years since the pandemic, Woodland says situations that are going on globally have been affecting affect crude oil prices - which haven’t been this high in roughly eight years and keep gas prices up.

Globally, Woodland says the situation with Russia and Ukraine is affecting the markets in terms of pushing prices up but they’re also seeing up and down drops as the situation is very fluid and keeps changing. Regardless she says if crude oil prices continue to climb, pump prices will likely follow suit.