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Our county depends on WHMI

WHMI Advertising — Pinckney Park Blue Star Memorial

WHMI can deliver your message to a captive audience. Advertisers line up to become sponsors of our news, weather, and sports features.

Our programming is as vital as the very air our communities breathe. Our listeners turn us on in the morning and leave us on all day.

Hourly News

The local and national news at the top of the hour is an especially potent attraction. Our award-winning news team really beat the bushes to unearth stories and features that are relevant to our listeners.


People in the Livingston County area spend a lot of time outdoors. It’s a beautiful place to live and play. They rely on us for accurate local weather information, forecasts, and severe weather information.


We tell our listeners the best way to get where they’re going and what they’ll find when they get there. WHMI is the only medium that has its eyes on the travel routes that Livingston County commuters frequent. Our listeners appreciate it.


Our coverage of local, state, and national sporting events is outstanding. The county listens for the latest scores. Parents listen to hear their kids singled out for athletic excellence.

School Closings

When the winter weather gets rough, we announce Livingston County-area school closings ... and only Livingston County-area school closings. What’s more, our listeners are accustomed to hearing this vital information presented every ten minutes. Alphabetically. And only from us.