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We ARE Livingston County

WHMI Livingston County Listening Area — Brighton Mill Pond

These are the people you need to know.

They are Livingston County area residents. They’ve got the highest median household income in the state. They have the disposable income to spend on products and services.

Let us introduce you to over 175,000 of our closest friends. They are very loyal — to Livingston County and WHMI. Your message will be heard. We’ll speed you past the speculation and sizing-up that go with unbrokered introductions.

Stroll into any shop, restaurant, office, backyard, park, or marina, and WHMI is in the air. Make a call and be put on hold, and there we are again. Our listeners know us and trust us. We’re Livingston County’s Own.

WHMI Livingston County Population and Household Income